Reviews for SS4/5/6/8/10/12 Mixed Crystals Glass Nail Art Rhinestones

Product description :

Item Name: flat back non hotfix nail art rhinestones
Material of nail art rhinestones: crystal glass
Color of nail art rhinestones:  crystal clear
Shape: round flat back 3d nail art decorations
Facets: 12 cut nail art rhinestones
Stone Size: SS4 (1.7 mm) , SS5 (1.9 mm) , SS6 (2.1 mm) , SS8 (2.5 mm) , SS10 (2.9 mm) , SS12 (3.3 mm) .
Technics: use the glue to fix the rhinestone, non hotfix
Rhinestones Type: loose rhinestones
The Back: silver foiling
Grade: AAA, MC
Use: bags, garment, nail art, shoes, cell phone or cases, box, furniture, greeting cards, etc

Packing Details:
2320 pieces Flat back crystals clear gem beads rhinestones
1xPlate for rhinestone
1xPicking/dotting pen


Product images :

Reviews for SS4/5/6/8/10/12 Mixed Crystals Glass Nail Art Rhinestones

Reviews for SS4/5/6/8/10/12 Mixed Crystals Glass Nail Art Rhinestones

Reviews for SS4/5/6/8/10/12 Mixed Crystals Glass Nail Art Rhinestones

Reviews for SS4/5/6/8/10/12 Mixed Crystals Glass Nail Art Rhinestones

Reviews for SS4/5/6/8/10/12 Mixed Crystals Glass Nail Art Rhinestones

Some reviews from customer for this product :



Packaged well. The container with the rhinestones was easy to open & close plus can be reused for other nail art items later on. The rhinestone picker is also super easy to use because all you have to do is press it into the pink jelly stuff that comes with it. It holds the stones securely until placed where you want it to & if it isn’t lined up how you want there’s also the plastic tweezers for more precise placement. The green tray makes cleaning up quick as long as you don’t have the stones mixed together (unless you like to mix the sizes then it’ll work that way too). Overall, this little gem kit is awesome. More than happy with my purchase!!



This kit will save time when placing crystals on nails. Black tweezers are plastic and work very good, pink stick comes with pink sticky jelly for multiple uses. Green tray make the handling of crystals easier, it allows me to put crystals back in box. I’m very picky about rhinestones and crystals, so quality is okay, they are Ab shine they seem to be glass with a silver foil or cover on the back. Will update latter about long lasting shine after a week. The size of this rhinestones are perfect for nail art, smaller rhinestone is 1.4 millimeters and biggest one is 3 millimeters, sizes make it perfect for nails and other art. I load pictures of measures, I hope pictures helps. Good for beginner or since shine is very pretty will help to keep prices low for nail art. I’ll keep this kit since it works for me.


Sharea Jenkins

First of all WHAT!? This product is beyond amazing! Especially when you go to the nail shop its sometimes $5-$10 additonal dollars to add stones. This bar far was the best value ive purchased this year. The stones are so pretty and comes with everything you need! I love this!!!


Ashley baker

I love these rhinestones. I love how they are individually place in the containers with a seal that are easy to get off. I have purchased other ones in the past and they were in horrible containers that pop open and all my rhinestones were everywhere in the package and some had this sticky seal set all the rhinestone sucked you and we’re horrible to get off. These are also much more beautiful than the ones I have purchased in the past.



I liked that these came in a storage case. I use them for adding bling to my eyeglasses, phone case and nails. I couldn’t use the tweezers, kept flicking the stones away, and when i used the wax I couldn’t get them off the tweezers but that said I’m sure it was my technique and no fault in the quality of the kit. I would recommend these.



When I use these in my nail creations, the finish stays perfectly. I can put a coat of top coat and the prismatic color stays. Easy to use, they give you all the tools you’ll need. There are different sizes for different styles.

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