Professional Carbon Steel Cuticle Nipper for Home Users, French Handle, Single Spring

Incredibly sharp – stunning results. Made of super hard carbon steel, Rui Smiths cuticle cutters are hand sharpened to perfection. The result: a flawless manicure or pedicure.
From the nail care capital of the world. Carefully crafted in Vietnam using German techniques, hypoallergenic clippers and pushers meet the demanding needs of spas and salons in over 30 countries.
Angled for precision, with an easy-to-grip matte chrome finish handle that facilitates the safe removal of cuticles from fingers and toes. Stay safe and clean by sanitizing your beauty utensils in an autoclave, UV sterilizer or barbicide.
A reliable tool to treat your toenail or ingrown toenail. Ultra-thin and super strong cutting jaws make it easy to extract small pieces of dead skin and nails. Finish with cuticle oil to maintain or repair cuticle health.
Each clip is handcrafted with care. We provide 100% warranty against manufacturing problems or defects. Just contact us for a refund or replacement.

What makes our product unique?
We see ourselves as a curator for the most accurate and proven tools that are made by expert craftsmen and blacksmiths. Rui, pronounced “ray”, means sharp and lively – which encompasses the essence of the brand and the products.
Why do we love what we do?
In addition to meeting a niche need, we want to build something meaningful and give back to society. One of the ways we do this is by supporting factories that hire and train local workers.

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