Nail Art Stickers Tips Wraps Foil Transfer Glitters Acrylic DIY Nail Decoration

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❤VARIOUS MODELS: Package includes box of different colorful designs Nail Foil Sticker (with storage box). Non-self-adhesive, duplicate-free, fashionable and cute design.
❤ GOOD QUALITY: The nail transfer stickers made with high quality material, easy to remove. With proper application, you can get your own charming nails at home.
❤ PRETTY EFFECT: The nail foil sticker will give such a cute effect, making your nails shiny and attractive.
❤ EASY TO USE: Press the foils on the nails after applying the nail glue, just a few seconds, you can get the beautiful nail designs.
❤OCCASIONS: The best gift for your girlfriends, your mother, your wife. Nail foil stickers are great for your fingernails and toenail decorations. Perfect for home use and beauty salon.

– Made of environmentally friendly materials, it will not damage your nails.
– 10 adhesive sheets for Christmas themed nail art, snowflakes, Christmas trees, bells, etc.
– Full of festive motifs, celebrate Christmas with friends!
– Easy to use, comfortable and flexible.
– The best Christmas gift for girlfriends, mothers and wives.

Preparation process:
– Wash your hands with soap and water.
– Trim your nails carefully and trim your nails with a sanding tool.
– Gently polish your nails and remove all dust.
How to use?
– Apply a coat of primer and wait 60 seconds for the primer to dry (but don’t dry completely, keep a little sticky).
– Press the nail film transfer stickers to the nail and press several times to make sure the sticker fits your nail completely.
– Remove the nail art stickers, then seal them with a top coat to protect the sticker and shine.
– Dry it with a UV lamp for 60 seconds, then finish.

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